Broad Perspective, Unique Vantage

Having achieved a wide range of experience while working on both the consultant and client sides of the industry, Jayson understands the pressures, drivers, and constraints that each group faces. He has seen different methodologies used and thus has an awareness of the successful and less-successful approaches. 

Understanding complexity

The design & construction of buildings can be an incredibly overwhelming and complicated process. Multiple variables must be taken into account and coordinated for each and every project to be successful. Communication is imperative, and all parties must understand and work towards common objectives.

Vision + mission

There are three main components of jha's vision + mission:

  1. To create & deliver contemporary, high-quality works/designs that exceed the expectations of every client.
  2. To develop an intimate understanding of the needs, drivers, & requirements of every client. 
  3. To use architecture & design/creative thinking to re-approach & re-shape elements in our world through a process of evaluation & improvement/re-design. 



Jayson received his master's degree in architecture from the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. Additionally, Jayson holds a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics, also from the University of Calgary 

To obtain a copy of Jayson's CV, please email info@jaysonhoodarch.com .


Jayson's current project experience

Jayson's prior project experience 

Jayson Hood, Architect, AAA, LEED AP (BD+C), Principal


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