001_ introduction

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would consciously fathom the creation of yet another blog. The sheer quantity of information and opinions that proliferate our world is overwhelming at best and is often lost in an incomprehensible myriad of material and media competing for our attention, just for that split second before it is relegated to a seemingly infinite black hole of data archival.


Sometimes, to quote an old cliché, it can be tough to see the forest from the trees. We get lost in an unmanageable volume of impossible to remember details. Information will stay in our memory only if it is lucky (and truly memorable, which is a different discussion altogether), however, the hyper-consumptive and information accessible worlds we plug into mean we don’t really need to remember anything at all – we just need to barely pay attention to the thing in front of us at any given moment. If we ever need to remember something we resort to our favourite search engine and wade through the optimized results to try and recall the thing we think we remember.

We are asked for our likes and upvotes, we retweet and share, we download new apps and create new user accounts in new platforms on a seemingly regular basis. We look for things that are interesting, that will entertain or educate us, or move us emotionally. We superficially exist in a present moment, without a sense of future and barely hearing the shallow echoes of the past.

We sift through a lot of noise to find the relatively few gems that exist. The last thing the world needs is another blog that adds to the noise. As such, though this is technically a blog by format and medium, I’d like to think of it as more of a repository. It isn’t about creating a sort of news feed that gets fed into a never-ending cycle of consumption and attention-seeking, rather, the purpose is to get back to the essence of what a blog is – a digital journal of sorts.


This will be a process of discovery & creativity as I sort through several key research ideas. I will study housing, and in particular multi-family housing in an attempt to develop a new affordable housing typology. I’ll examine sustainability as it pertains to materials used in architecture and building, specifically looking at the instances where multiple materials are used together and their interfaces. Also, I’ll look at the way cities & their spaces are conceived, shaped, and designed. Last, if I’m lucky, these areas will coalesce into a body of built work. As I mentioned, it will be a journey of discovery with hopefully a few surprises and both planned and unplanned digressions along the way.

Thanks for reading!