Prior project experience includes several projects in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, representing a variety of building types.

Project experience was gained by Jayson while working for both Riddell Kurczaba & the University of Calgary (Facilities Development). New construction, renovation, and interior projects are all included. Work was performed in all phases, including feasibility, design, drawing preparation, and contract administration. Projects below are a small but relevant sample and intend to show breadth of experience and capability.


In some cases, the standard ceiling tile was used as the basic module, in others the parking stall drove the basic layout. One parkade had to be designed so that the owner's Ferrari wouldn't bottom out! 

In all cases, the transition from public space to private space was given detailed consideration.

Select projects (L-R): Jacobs Engineering Building (Quarry Park, Calgary); ATB Building (Westwinds Park, Calgary); Acera Building (unbuilt); all designed by Riddell Kurczaba. 



Several warehouses are among the industrial buildings throughout western Canada that Jayson has experience working on. Siting considerations are important to ensure compliance with land-use +/or area plan requirements in any given locale. Also included is co-ordination & design work on an unbuilt sprung structure at the University of Calgary. 

Symcor Building at Westwinds Park, Calgary, designed by Riddell Kurczaba. 



Outside of work performed with the University of Calgary, Jayson has experience on projects for public & non-profit sectors. These projects often require intensive engagement processes, either with the public or with many appointed designates. The projects become iterative and organic through their conception and development.


Select projects (L-R): City of Calgary Manchester Logistics Center; Hawkwood Community Center (unbuilt); both designed by Riddell Kurczaba.