The importance of well-designed, well-considered housing can not be overstated. Housing is, after all, a central piece around and in which our lives occur.

While the single-family house as object is still relevant in certain contexts, multifamily housing can offer a variety of different living environments while providing an efficiency of services & infrastructure. In both cases, communities & micro-communities can also be created and established, just at different scales.

Current work  includes:

  • feasibility study & concept design of a small multi-unit redevelopment in SW Calgary
  • a residential renovation & expansion
  • design & drawings for a cabin
  • design & drawings for another cabin
  • preparation of Development Permit
  • applications on several projects

While this work has been ongoing, there aren't any sexy photos to show. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your unique requirements.



Research is primarily focused on affordable housing, in particular the conception of a new typology. This includes business case modelling, which is being conducted by an external associate.

The ultimate goal is that this work culminates in the realization of a project through the creation of an entity to develop & operate a building using a credible financial model.

Project experience

jha has experience with single family attached & detached projects as well as multi-unit projects in all phases.

Project experience in multi-unit housing projects was primarily gained while Jayson was working for the University of Calgary (Facilities Development), and in particular on student residences. These projects carry unique design considerations such as the provision of shared community spaces, but exemplify basic principles such as the interface & transition between public, semi-public, and private spaces. Multi-unit projects include:

 Yamnuska Hall

University of Calgary
completed 2011

596 beds
21,460 sq.m.

Global Village

University of Calgary
completed 2009
(designed by Rid
dell Kurczaba)

183 beds
9,415 sq.m.