public + amenity space

Active and vibrant public + amenity spaces are critical for a community to thrive. Spaces can be participatory, connective, destinations, or any combination of these.

These are the spaces that provide a backdrop for daily life to occur. They take us to and from the places we live our lives in. They offer the potential to become an extension of our living space, even though our experiences of these spaces are often temporary and transient. 

They can be forums for entertainment, recreation, or leisure. Or they can simply be conduits that connect us to a myriad of other activities & destinations. They have the power and potential to determine the degree to which we interact with other people. They provide familiarity, directionality, and the possibility for a chance interaction. 

Included are elements in the public realm. Semi-public or shared spaces can be considered, as well as supporting amenity spaces such as community centers & schools. Public + amenity spaces can be considered at the scale of the city, neighbourhood, street, space, or object, and using a variety of programmatic components including the interfaces between the public and private realms, and the consideration of land-use & property ownership. 

Current projects

Current projects are limited in this area to one - the incorporation of several shared semi-public spaces in a multi-unit redevelopment in SW Calgary. The incorporation of common areas intends to provide shared extensions of living spaces.

Several additional projects are being considered - check back to see additional work being done in this area.



Research topics in this area may at times seem fairly broad in scope, but often focus on their applicability to multi-unit housing, in addition to impacts towards and by sustainable thinking. 

Future areas of study will include the examination of potentials of existing underused spaces, and the exploration of alternate solutions for large-scale typologies. The goal will be the integration of concepts into design work where possible. 

Project experience

Consideration of the public or semi-public realm inherently occurs with almost any project. Jayson has experience ranging from considerable input on the design of Quarry Park in SE Calgary obtained while with Riddell Kurczaba, to input and influence of the designs of several significant interior and exterior public spaces while with the University of Calgary (Facilities Development). Also included is experience gained while providing guidance and input on the design of an outdoor fitness circuit and its surrounding landscape at the University of Calgary. 

McCaig Donor Monument - Relocation & Plaza

University of Calgary
completed 2013