Research Areas

Ideas, precedents, hypotheses, & conclusions will be progressively communicated through the blog, so keep checking back!


Affordable housing

Includes the development of a new typology for affordable housing, including program & building design, and the creation of a credible funding and operation model.  

The ultimate goal is that this work culminates in the realization of a project through the creation of an entity to develop & operate a building using a credible financial model.


Includes materiality, interfaces between materials, & incorporation of technologies.

This area is in its infancy of planning and development, but will hopefully lead to some understanding of how transitions between materials can be used advantageously. 

The ultimate goal of this research is to identify areas for improvement, and to suggest & develop new, credible components & systems. This research is being performed in conjunction with an external technology entity.

Public + amenity spaces

Includes the study of spaces in, around, and connected to the public realm, and at many different scales.

Future areas of study will include the examination of potentials of existing underused spaces, and the exploration of alternate solutions for large-scale typologies. The goal will be the integration of concepts into design work where possible. 

This work is loosely a continuation of work done while Jayson was pursuing his M.Arch. and during his Master's thesis.