standards + planning

Prior project experience includes several projects in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Project experience was gained by Jayson while working for both Riddell Kurczaba & the University of Calgary (Facilities Development). Projects include development of architectural controls (and review), design standards, master plans, & facility plans. 

Projects below are a small sample and are presented to show breadth of experience and capability.


Design Standards

University of Calgary
completed 2011

Developed, co-ordinated, & compiled entire document from a diverse collection of precedent material & existing out-of-date material. Required review & input from multiple stakeholders & individual section owners. Some sections required complete authorship. 

UC-Des Stdrds screen shot.jpg

Campus Master Plan

University of Calgary
completed 2010
(Plan designed by Sasaki)

Co-ordinated development and compilation of requisite material, participated in development, provided foundation studies & material.

UC-CMP screen shot.jpg

Science A Building

Renovation & Repurpose Concept Plan
University of Calgary
Plan completed 2010
(Design by DSAI/Stantec)

Co-ordinated program development, institutional priorities, multiple user groups & stakeholders into plan to completely renovate and add to one of the twin original buildings on campus. The plan will be implemented in up to 9 phases in order to keep the building completely operational during all construction phases. 

SCI A concept report screen snap.jpg